1. Stand up. Extend your right arm and point it directly in front of you.
  2. Rotate left as far as you marking the farthest point with pointer finger.

Are you content that that is the farthest you could turn. Yes, maybe no?

3. Perform steps 1 & 2 but go rotate even farther.

Did you do it? I bet you did!

So why did you rotate around even farther than before?. Is it because I asked you to? Is it because you pushed yourself a little harder? What were your motivating factors? These are important factors for people to ask themselves when the think they’re doing their best.


So I’m off for my winter break from school, amazingly I have a month more of free time. So what is a girl to do, I could lay around and watch T.V., but honestly the boob-tub isn’t really doing it for me. I could sit on my computer all day or I could read, which might actually be productive. But any of these activities in excess would be unhealthy, so I’m taking a real estate course. Yes oddly enough I”m going to become a real estate agent in 60 hours of classes.

   Why you should take a class.

  1. It gets you out of the house
  2. You meet new people
  3. You will learn something, a hobby, skill, trade, whatever
  4. It makes you feel good
  5. It changes up your usual pattern of life

Places to take classes.

  • Community Centers
  • YMCA
  • Gyms, Sports Clubs
  • Community Colleges and Universities

Types of Classes

  • Sports
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Speech,Writing, Poetry
  • Gardening

Dempsey Sleep

My little trick to fall asleep that will likely work for the average insomniac is this.

  • Say to yourself “i’m going to get up in ten minutes . Only ten minutes and I get to get up.”
  • Now this does not work if you stare at the clock
  • You just have to really try to sleep for ten minutes.
  • Before you can even think about the ten minutes past you will be fast a sleep.

Try it out.

5 Effective Ways to Improve your sleep

Often times I wonder if ignorance isn’t truely bliss. I feel that if I didn’t know someothing or if I didn’t think about that stupid thing then perhaps I would be happier or at least life would be easier. Lifehack just posted an article on how stop overthinking. Here is a taste of the list, but better yet check it out yourself, How to stop being an over-thinker

1. Don’t be a perfectionist

2. Don’t assume (it makes an ass out of you)

3. Do shit, be proactive


Depends on who you ask? The folk over at Learn This recently posted an article on happiness and achieving it now.  Personally I believe happiness is in the eye of the beholder. Meaning everyone has different levels of happiness that they can achieve, I’m never going to have the happiness my mother always talks about but that doesn’t mean I can’t have my own version of it. Check out the post by Learn This, Why are you waiting for happiness? Have it Now

Depressed? Join the club. Extremely depressed been so for years. You’ve found the right place to read about how one individual gets through life with a few simple rules. I myself have been struggling with major depression for over ten years now. I have been hospitalized many times and sometimes feel like the world couldn’t get any worse. Often I wish I could let others know how hard it is for those who fall under the cloud of depression, but more often I want to help those who share my struggle. I don’t have any expertise really other than being fully versed more so that my doctors it seems in getting better. I have a degree in psychology, which doesn’t mean shit. I should have a degree in pharmacology because I know drugs better than my shrink. Is this sounding like how you feel? Well your not alone. So for the depressionhack blog I’ll be posting on things that help me get through the day, various observations and who knows. I also am a avid lifehack reader so I’ll be linking to various posts relevent to the depressionist struggle. As well as web2.0 sites I enjoy.

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